Monday, 8 September 2014

Warriors - all....

Due to a lack of time to string a sentence together, my latest blog offering of the projects I’ve been working on will simply be in quotes and pictures (which will probably be more interesting than my usual blurb anyway!)

Mongol Derby August 2014
Copyright Richard Dunwoody
“There are two problems here; One: they serve vodka in mugs. Two: we are stupid enough to drink them!” German rider Alex Piltz

2nd September 2014 - Warrior is awarded the animals VC’, the PDSA Dickin Medal on behalf of all the animals who served in WW1
Brough Scott receives the PDSA Dickin Medal from the PDSA Director General at The Imperial War Museum
“Warrior is an extraordinary example of the resilience, strength, and profound contribution that horses made to the Great War.  Recognising him with an Honorary PDSA Dickin Medal is a fitting and poignant tribute not only to this remarkable animal, but to all animals that served.”
Steven Spielberg

Focused by Andrew Nicholson - launches at Burghley 4-7 September 2014 as Andrew achieves a historic hat-trick on Avebury

Andrew and Avebury deliver what Captain Mark Phillips describes as a 'masterclass' in Cross Country riding
“I didn’t scorch him away like I usually do, but knew what I had to do around the second part of the course – and he always goes better if I ride him like I stole him!”
Andrew Nicholson

Gary Witheford: If Horses Could Talk to launch on 21st September 2014 at the Newmarket Open Day
Brujo in 2014 as Jilly Cooper comes to visit - not looking quite so 'sad' now!
 “He was the saddest horse I had ever seen. He was called Brujo and he was a big Andalusian colt tied to a concrete wall down in Spain with barbed wire round his nose and a boy alongside with his arm in a sling. They said the colt was crazy. That he had tried to kill the boy. That all he did was buck, buck, buck. That he was going to be shot for meat that evening.” 
Gary Witheford

PHILIP BLACKER ‘Farewell, Leicester Square’ - An exhibition of bronze friezes - a perspective from one hundred years on, 5th – 16th Nov 2014, Thompsons Gallery, London
“The inspiration for my WW1 friezes come from a variety of sources. A couple are inspired by paintings, notably by CRW Nevinson and Paul Nash, but mostly they come from poems, letters, songs and books.” 
Philip Blacker

And finally... When I’m not working…..Balder Succes, Barbury Castle, August 2014

“In riding a horse, we borrow freedom” 
Helen Thompson

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